Douglas Westcott Sponsors First Ever Bath Property Awards

5 September, 2018 in News

Douglas Westcott is very proud to be a sponsor for the first ever Bath Property Awards.

Westcott has lived in Bath for over 30 years and seen its development first hand and he’s proud to help to celebrate those property companies shaping Bath’s destiny.

The properties in Bath define the lives of all who reside and work there and play a central role in Westcott’s work. The history of Bath’s properties is as intriguing as it is captivating and explored within both his novels – Go Swift and Far and the upcoming An Unfolding Soul.

Within his series of novels tracing Bath’s history from the Second World War to the present day, Westcott explores different key periods within this historic city’s development interweaving business, politics and history in his engaging prose.

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‘Westcott has done it again, masterfully capturing the essence of magnificent Bath’

Jenny Lippett

‘Westcott burnishes his well won reputation as the  Grand Master of intrigue with this much anticipated sequel to acclaimed Go Swift and Far ; nothing less than brilliant as with the deft hand of an ancient god  he manoeuvres  the fate of the great and  less than good of Bath across the chess board of life. Check mate ; but who wins …..’

Patrick McCloy

Just finished reading your second book An Unfolding Soul which I have enjoyed as much as your first. As a Bathonian of 77 years I find it so scary and truthful as we currently experience The Third Destruction of Bath.

Malcolm Mitchell

‘Hard on the heels of ‘Go Swift and Far’ comes this hugely enjoyable sequel and another success for Westcott’

Jack Jenkins

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